Smart locks can really sweeten your smart home

How To Make Our Homes Smarter On a Budget


Smarten Your Home On A Budget

The technology is getting advanced these days and enhancing our lives in many ways. Now we’re learning things which make our home more easy with fun. Just imagine, one day you’ll wake up to a perfectly temperature controlled room, with lights that enhance your mood! How would you like to turn your lights on before arriving at the house? Or cooking meal from the comfort of your office? I have answers to all these questions! All these desires can be made possible by Making Our Homes Smarter (On a Budget).

You may think that Smart Homes costs a lot to create. But the advancements in the home-tech are speeding up, which results in dropping of prices. Now, it is easier and affordable to create Smart Homes on a budget.

You’ll find some items below which will make your normal house a smart one on a budget.

Smart Thermostats Can Lower Bills

The smart thermostats allow you to remotely set and adjust the temperature in your home. It is much convenient and it can save energy and money (if used wisely). You can control it remotely with your SmartPhone, Tab, or with your voice.

Smart thermostat can lower heating and cooling bills

Smart Thermostats are considered even smarter than humans as they spend time doing the thinking that most people don’t do. Turning themselves off when nobody is in the home, temperatures only in occupied rooms, and learning your household schedule through observation; are one of the best features of Smart Thermostats. It is more of fun and easy as they are integrated with smartphone apps.

Why Smart Thermostats? If you’re interested in saving energy and money and better home environment then you Smart Thermostats are for you.

Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell are considered as good brands if you’re looking to buy a Smart Thermostat for your Smart Home.

Robotic Vacuums Can Help Save Time

There are many benefits of having a clean home. Generally, people hate cleaning homes due to many reasons. With Smart Homes, it is made possible to clean house more efficiently and easily. It even saves electricity bills and improves home security.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Saves time

If you want to save time that you spend on cleaning floors, then Robotic Vacuum is a good option for you. I have listed the best Robotic Vacuums for your Smart Home below.

  • Neato Botvac D80 
  • iRobot Roomba 980 
  • Hoover Quest 100

Smart Locks And Security Systems

The door locks also have Smart Home options. A smart lock is a very important part of Smart Home. It will monitor who is entering and leaving your home while you’re away. They are easy to install and you can control it with your phone to open and close doors.

Smart locks can really sweeten your smart home

If you want to upgrade your Traditional Door lock to Smart Lock, then it’ll not cost you that much which you think. A normal Smart Lock will cost you about $100, and if you want an advanced lock that you can control from anywhere, with features like voice command, push and email notifications then it’ll cost you anything between$200-$300.

Best Smart Locks to purchase:

  • August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled
  • Poly-Control Danalock V2 BT

Final Words

So these are the items for our Smart Homes (making our homes smart) on a budget. These devices are affordable for most of us.

If you liked this then don’t forget to share your friends who are planning to buy Smart Home Devices for their homes. Do comment below and let us know if you’ve any confusion in choosing the best product for your smart home.

Wish you good luck in Making your Home Smarter.

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