Protect iPhone Screen From Damage

The Best Ways To Protect Your Phone Screen

The screen on your phone has come a long way and is now more durable than in the past. However, this does not mean that it is indestructible and there are still make things that could damage it. This is why it is important to know how to protect your phone screen from being damaged.

Protect iPhone Screen From Damage

Put A Screen Protector On

The easiest and best way to protect your screen from a lot of damage is to have a screen protector. Screen protectors made with tempered glass are considered the best. These protectors will be able to take the brunt of the damage when your phone comes into contact with hard surfaces. The glass in the protector will also break before your screen. A good case can also help by protecting the edges and corners of the phone. For example, a good LG G Stylo phone case can protect the phone from all kinds of damage, including the corners, the screen and the back of the phone.

There are other screen protectors that you can get, but they will generally not protect your screen as much. There are some cheap protectors that only work as a scratch protector and will not save your screen if the phone is dropped.

Do Not Let The Screen Idle

Your screen goes dark after a few seconds can be annoying, but this is actually done to protect the display. When you leave your screen to idle without turning off or dimming, you increase the chances of burn-in. When this happens, you will see an afterimage or ghosting when you move from one application to another.

While this will not affect the glass of the screen, it will make the display worse. Eventually, the burn-in will become severe enough that the display will have to be replaced and this will not be cheap.

Choose Your Tools Wisely

The tools that you use to operate your phone need to be carefully considered. Your finger and a stylus are the best tools because your phone screen has been designed with them in mind. However, you should be careful when you use anything else to navigate your phone.

There are many people who use a pencil on the screen. This is something that can be done with certain phones, but with others will actually damage your screen. You will scratch the surface because you will have to press harder to get any response.

Treat Your Phone With Respect

A lot of the damage that happens to a phone screen comes from carelessness. This is something that you can easily avoid by being more careful with your phone. You should also look at cleaning the screen more often to avoid dust becoming a problem.

When you clean your screen, you should use a microfiber cloth as this is ideal for the screens. These soft cloths will not damage the screen and will remove all of the dust and residue. You should slightly dampen or breathe on the screen before you start cleaning, but ensure that you do not over-rub the screen.

There are many ways that you can protect the screen on your phone. Being careful with the phone is the best option with using a screen protector being vital as well. Ensuring that you use the right tools and not leaving the screen on for too long will also help.